Overview of lighter products produced by Vector®

Jet Torch Lighters

Jet Torch Lighters create a thin, needle-like blue flame. This creates a high intensity flame that allows the user to visually pinpoint an area where the flame hits.  It is ideal to use this flame to evenly burn cigars.  See altitude rating in catalog (insert altitude logo).

Jet Turbo Lighters

As butane gas flows into the internal burner cylinder, the piezo spark ignites a flame and heats up the catalyzer (coil). The burning catalyzer creates a flame that is intensely high in temperature.  It does not blow out against the wind making it genuinely windproof under any weather conditions. When lighting cigars and cigarettes, it is critical that they be lit an inch away from the burning catalyzer.  Do not tamper with the burning catalyzer under any circumstances. Prevent dirt, dust, and ashes from penetrating into the inner part of the lighter as they can seriously jeopardize normal functioning of a jet turbo lighter.  Longevity of a jet turbo lighter depends heavily on how clean the lighter is kept. See altitude rating in catalog (insert altitude logo).

Flint Lighters

The Stone Age concept applied to a lighter. When two sharp objects are rubbed against each other at a fast pace, they create a spark. The same concept is used in flint lighters. When a spark wheel is rolled against flint, it creates a spark, thereby creating combustion with escaping butane gas from the internal burner cylinder. There is a constant flow of butane gas in flint lighters. As soon as you open a flint lighter, butane gas is being released.  Do not open the lighter when not intending to use it. Unnecessary openings of a flint lighter cap will result in butane gas leak. See altitude rating in catalog (insert altitude logo).

Classic/Soft Flame

A electronic spark is created by a device called electronic piezo. A soft yellow flame ignites in result to combustion with butane gas flowing through the internal burner cylinder. The electronic piezo flame is visible like any other normal flame (aka classic/soft flame). It is ideal for soft and natural burning of cigars and cigarettes. See altitude rating in catalog (insert altitude logo)