About Vector KGM

Vector® KGM is a premium lighter brand renowned for our high-quality and long-lasting lighters and smoking accessories. Recognized as the platinum standard for lighters, butane, and torches, Vector remains the preferred choice for discerning cigar and glass enthusiasts. Various sizes, styles, and the purest butane gas offers our customer base endless options to choose from. Vector® KGM’s famous no-proof warranty gives customers comfort in knowing the longevity of their lighters is secure.

When you invest in a Vector lighter, you acquire a product designed to serve you for decades with proper care. All of our lighters are crafted from interfusions of premium metal alloys, guaranteeing both durability and the seamless integration of modern features.

Vector® KGM’s signature Icon Series lighter line, in addition with its entire product line, seamlessly blend style, functionality, and durability--embodying the brand's enduring legacy of over 40 years.