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Vector KGM products

Sensor Ignition Icon Series

Designed to redefine the boundaries of a lighter, the ICON series is Vector’s flagship product line. These lighters house the same flame capabilities as jet torch lighters, but with additional features: led touch-screen ignition button, digital battery life display, and USB charging. Every Vector ICON lighter body is crafted from an interfusion of high-quality metal alloys, and accentuated with laser-engraved finishes. Vector’s ICON lighter series represents the pinnacle of lighter engineering.

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Vector Quadpump

Elegance, power, & dynamism at its finest. The Vector Quadpump boasts a quad-merging jet torch flame and a luxurious rustic body finish. The built-in side handle allows for ultimate grip and feel. An intermixture of felt and alcántara cover the base, which also features a magnetic detachable punch plate. The Vector Quadpump’s timeless design truly makes this item an art piece and table torch in one.


Thunderbird by Vector

The classic take on function with flare, Vector KGM’s Thunderbird line has been the foundational groundwork of the Vector brand. Vector Thunderbirds come available in eight different flame types, as well as, over thirty casing colors.