Two simple steps to properly fit Thunderbird® Inserts into lighter cases.

  • Remove current insert and simply replace with a new Thunderbird® Insert.
  • After replacing with the new insert, open & close the lid of your lighter repeatedly several times. If the lid is opening & closing properly, you are ready to use your lighter.

Trouble-shooting: If the lid is not opening & closing properly, adjust “Lid Hinge Spring” located inside the lid by slightly bending downward to make fit tighter or upward to make fit less tight.
In most instances, the lid does not close all the way; thereby creating a gap between the lid and the casing. Be sure to bend the “Lid Hinge Spring” downward to fix this problem.
Note: Tighter fit means lid opens & closes with a feel of spring tension that enables the cap to open in one snap and to close without a gap between the lid and the casing.

Flint Replacement Instruction:

1) Locate the bottom screw head (yes, it’s the one you are inquiring about & there is only one screw head on the bottom of the insert).
2) This screw has a long spring attached with a flat head at the end to hold flint in place.
3) Unscrew, drop in a new flint into the flint chamber, and then screw it back on to hold the flint in place.
4) Spring tension will hold flint in place.