Flint Replacement Instructions for Vector® Flint Lighters

Replacing the flint on your Vector® Elite lighter requires no tools. There is an unrestricted flow of butane gas in Vector® Elite flint lighters. Butane gas from the fuel tank will escape while the lid is open. Do not open the Elite’s lighter cap unless you need to light.

Be sure to close the lid while replacing your flint. If lid was left open for too long, simply refill the lighter with Vector® Butane after replacing the flint.

1. Holding both sides of the flint wheel, pull up to detach it. Close lighter lid.
2. Carefully unscrew the bottom of the flint chamber. Use caution as spring tension may eject the pin from the flint chamber unexpectedly.
3. Remove worn flint and replace with new Vector flint.
4. Reinsert spring and screw pin back into flint chamber, then reinsert flint wheel back into lighter.